The Groundfridge is developed as an actively cooled cellar for storing wine and food: root vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, pumpkins, cabbages or cheeses are but a few examples of products that are especially suited to be stored within a Groundfridge. It can fit the harvest of a 250 m2 vegetable garden – enough to prepare 350 meals.

The size makes the Groundfridge particularly useful for people and companies, restaurants or landowners who deal with producing and storing large amounts of food in a sustainable manner. But urban-farmers with a (communal) vegetable garden could benefit as well from this type of storage – and share it with their neighbors or friends.

Pop up cellar
A traditional cellar is a structure – a fixed part of your home – whereas the Groundfridge is a product. It can be used in any way and any place you want. Moving house? Simply bring your Groundfridge with you!

Added benefits: installing the Groundfridge requires no permits – like digging a normal cellar would – and when placed, no soil needs to be disposed of. The lightweight and easy to install Groundfridge is therefore an interesting option for temporary events like a (food) festival or pop up restaurant.

As it hardly uses any power – a small solar panel would be enough – it could serve equally well in developing countries or remote, off-grid areas where the watertight structure can protect the valuable crops and produce.

An innovative wine cellar
Wines are best kept in a dark, odor-free environment where the temperature is steady. Proper air humidity and generous ventilation are an absolute must. And what do you know – the Groundfridge provides all of that!

A place to be
Apart from the functional and financial benefits the Groundfridge may provide, a great deal of focus was put on experiencing the Groundfridge and its design, as well. The friendly round curves and broad stairs, that truly invite to be sat upon, make the Groundfridge a nice place to just be.


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