Put some green on your Groundfridge

It is good practice to plant something over your Groundfridge. This may be a (fruit) tree, tall grasses, or you could grow your own crops over it.  Planting holds the warmth of the soil in the winter and has a cooling effect in the summer. The more dense the vegetation, the greater the insulating effect. Furthermore, a big tree or bush provides shade. In addition to the insulating ability of a type of vegetation, it is also important to look at the specific location. The choice of greenery may be different for each spot and its surroundings –  urban, rural, a big estate or residential.


Each type of vegetation holds water with its roots – improving the cooling effect of the soil. Furthermore, a tree absorbs several hundred liters of water each day – water that streams up past the Groundfridge – providing additional cooling in the process. Something similar happens with a vegetable patch: when the patch is watered regularly, the water seeps down into the ground and also provides additional cooling to the Groundfridge below.

Suggested species
– Sedum
– Ivy
– Grasses
– Prairie plants and trees
– Shrubs / bushes

Or, try fast growing edible plants like pumpkin or Nasturtium.