Put some green on your Groundfridge

It is good to experiment with planting something on top of your Groundfridge. This may be a (fruit) tree, tall grasses, or you could grow your own crops on top of it.  Plants helps maintaining the warmth of the soil in the winter and has a shading effect in the summer. The more dense the vegetation, the greater the insulating effect. Furthermore, a big tree or bush is keeping the ground cooler. In addition to the insulating ability. It is also important to look at the specific location. The choice of plants may be different for each spot and its location e.g. urban, rural, a big estate or residential.


Each type of vegetation holds water within its roots – this improves the cooling effect of the soil. Furthermore, a tree absorbs several hundred liters of water each day – water that streams up past the Groundfridge – providing additional cooling in the process.

Suggested species
– Sedum
– Ivy
– Grasses
– Prairie plants and trees
– Shrubs / bushes
– Pumpkin
– Nasturtium