Technical specifications
Size globe ø 228 cm
Volume sphere 7.85 m3
Volume globe 6.21 m3
Storage capacity 3,000 liters
Weight 300 kg
Material hand-laminated polyester

User specifications
– Uses the stabilizing properties of the soil so the core temperature within will barely vary
– Uses the cooling effect of the groundwater, if present
– Fan circulates and cools the entire air content when needed
– Can be actively cooled (with a electric powered active cooling)
– Dug in and covered up with the removed soil
– No permits required for placing

– No soil needs to be disposed of when installing the Groundfridge
– Big enough to comfortably move around in
– 3000 Liters of storage capacity is enough to store 500 kg of food this is on average the harvest of a 250 m2 vegetable garden

* Insulating door
* Circulating fan
* 24V powered
* Oak wood bannister
* Lifting eyes for effective and simple transport & installation
* Lock for door

Optional features
* Build-in shelf system
* Electric powered active cooling
* Weltevree Guidelight

The Groundfridge comes in Dawn White (Instint™ color V039). For the door you can choose our standard colors Olive Green (RAL color 6021) and Pebble Grey (Instint™ color J155) or pick a custom color. The door can be provided in any RAL color on request. However, we recommend a light color that does not absorb much sunlight.

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