‘t Raboes

‘t Raboes is a marina in the polder on the Eem river. Peace and quiet, space and beautiful views make it the ultimate place to explore new ways of recreation: instead of just consuming, more and more people want to create something and take greater account of their surroundings by sustainable use of the qualities of a specific place. Instead of just a berth ‘t Raboes becomes more and more a destination. You can camp next to your boat on the grassy dunes, rent the Dutchtub for an evening or moor to a floating deck with the Outdooroven and cook dinner on a wood fire. Or take the shared electrical sloop to explore the surroundings and the artwork Laten Varen. The ambition is to add some self-sufficient Weltevree holiday-homes and floating hotel rooms to make the place a destination for visitors without a boat. And purify the water in the harbor with plants – so it becomes a large swimming pond …