Shall we dance?

Shall we Dance? is designed as a landmark for a business park in Doetinchem. But this landmark actually makes all pylons a landmark. These pylons and their lines are such a familiar sight, you hardly notice them anymore. Schoonderbeek changes that with this 37 meter high work of art: with a graceful curtsy his electricity mast seems to ask the other pylon to dance. Shall we dance? makes the elegance of the real pylons visible: a dance between steel giants. It is an invitation to look at your surroundings with imagination. No pylon will ever be the same …

Shall We Dance 2.0
The changing energy landscape has placed the dancing electricity tower in a different context. In 2007 conceived by Schoonderbeek as an ode to the electricity towers and to give a positive boost to their necessary presence. At the end of 2019, no longer surrounded by the old electricity towers, it has become a metaphor for the energy transition: the windmills are coming, the electricty towers are going! A great moment to embrace the dancing tower with a new light design by Wouter Brave in collaboration with Floris Schoonderbeek.

The light installation
The light installation by Brave and Schoonderbeek gives a new impulse to the artwork and its surroundings. To accentuate both its dynamic shape and the transparency of the construction, the light comes from within the tower. The spots are placed “close to the skin” on the inside of the structure. This makes the dancing tower glow and strengthens its three-dimensional shape. In addition, it emphasizes the geometric structure of the construction.

Warm white light has been chosen for a harmonious and pleasant contrast with the dark environment. Given the height of the mast (37meters), it was necessary to install the light on two levels: just above the foot and at the bend in the body.
To reinforce the dynamic character of the artwork, a number of expressive lines of the work – the arms, the head, the upper body – are partially accentuated with blue and red LED neon. The blue and red colors symbolize the dancing and the electrical character of the artwork, as if the sparks are bursting out of it!

Tennet, XbrightFX lichtkunst, Parkmanagement Keppelseweg, Gemeente Doetinchem, BUHA

Shall we dance?
Shall we dance?
Shall we dance?