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The world is changing, and therefore our needs are changing. Studio Floris Schoonderbeek creates products and artworks that cater to these new needs. Practical solutions for a creative life in a more beautiful world. Characteristic for the studio are innovation, experience, functionality and sustainability. The natural elements are always part of the design. Floris Schoonderbeek’s main goal as a designer is to provide for a independent and sustainable existence.


As a designer, concept developer and “re-inventor”, Floris looks at his surroundings with an open mind, looking for new needs. In the search for solutions, he rediscovers and innovates old techniques. As a result, the studio’s products are new and innovative yet recognizable at the same time. The designs always connect with the environment and use the natural elements. For example, the Groundfridge uses the insulating capacity of the ground and the inhalation of cold air during the night. The Rotolight, where the windmill is also the light fixture, is illuminated by energy generated by the wind.


Studio Floris Schoonderbeek wants to connect and activate people and (public) places with its products and art objects. The products invite you to play (outside). Besides playful, the designs are practical and easy to integrate in daily life. The sustainable and social products enable a greener lifestyle and contribute to a better world and a richer existence.

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Pioneering Design Innovations and Creative Ventures

Floris Schoonderbeek studied Product Design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. In 2003 he studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, but soon decided to set up his own studio. Driven to change the world with his own hands, in 2007 he founded his own product label Weltevree. Weltevree has since grown into a successful, renowned and distinctive design label.


Floris is also creative director for investing developer and space curator Schipper Bosch – he develops concepts for the surroundings, design and experience of the places that Schipper Bosch manages.

Floris products and (art) projects have received several awards and nominations.

A selection

  • Groundfridge – Nomination Dutch Design Award (2015)

  • E-Livery Concept – Winner Art of Batteries (2014, in collaboration with Sinds1416)

  • Lolo – Winner design competition Electric Charging Point by Syntens, OPA and Liander (2009, in collaboration Sinds1416)

  • Dutchtub – Nomination Rotterdam Design Prize (2003)

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De Kleine Campus | De gymzaal

De Kleine Campus is the working, living and experimental place of Floris and his studio. Here, ideas are developed based on new needs: practical solutions for a creative life. The outdoor space enables the studio to test, experience and use her designs on a daily basis. By connecting and activating their own environment. This place enables Floris to integrate and use his designs in his daily life. As a designer he lives his products.