• Circle Farm
    Circle Farm

    Circle Farm is a project in search for a more balanced and beautiful environment. With Circlefarming we want to participate in the current need for a new Dutch foodscape as a landscape design as well as farmer culture.

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  • Groundfridge

    Modern houses are often built without a basement while a lot of people nowadays feel the need for one: they’re focused on healthy food and, for example, grow their own food or buy in bulk at the local organic farmer.

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    Early this year during the FORELAND Programme we made an energy inclusive weather forecast. The relation of energy and the weather and impact on our community and economy asks for a daily energy forecast.

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  • Raintap

    Raintap collects and activates the use of rainwater. The tap(s), foot pump and sink make it a clever water station and transform it from a rain barrel, to a (hand)washing station, to a compact outdoor kitchen. 

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  • Table Tarp 01
    Table Tarp 01

    Table Tarp 01 was born out of the growing need for shade and coolness in cities. By combining the classic design and construction of the picnic table combined with a distinct application of the new WEVED fabric, Table Tarp 01 provides a multifunctional object that casts shade and provides a temporary space where desired provides.

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  • Make Hydrogen Not War
    Make Hydrogen Not War

    It is embarrassing that because of our dependence on energy resources, we have (been) restrained in the terrible war situation. That we can be a lesser friend to Ukraine, because of our own interest in natural gas and oil.

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  • Wild Wellness
    Wild Wellness


    Wellness is all about opening up your senses and relieving stress in a beautiful environment.

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  • Rocketbench

    To seize the winter season we went on a Fieldstation ice trip with our friends from Collectief Soepel for a new rocketstove experiment. It started with a coronaproof plan to connect, go outside and enjoy the season! Together we created the Rocketbench to connect people, places and plans.

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  • Recalculating Route
    Recalculating Route

    The outcome of an experimental roadtrip by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek

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  • Fieldstation nr 1.
    Fieldstation nr 1.

    The Fieldstation is the mobile workshop of Studio Floris Schoonderbeek. The self-sufficient Fieldstation facilitates a way of working aimed at searching, experiencing, experimenting and collaboration. Every roadtrip it can be equipped with different tools.

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  • Botanictub

    The Botanictub combines different natural systems to create a peaceful, warm climate for plants and people.
    Sun, plants, stove and water are a balanced system, and so create a new type of luxury: ”a positive impact on your environment by having a wellness experience ”. In the spirit of nature, everything is connected.

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  • Airsteamer

    The Airsteamers are clean bbq stoves for a new and sustainable way of outdoor cooking. The clean and fast burning rocketstoves enable cooking directly in the (filtered) airstream of the fire. 

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  • Windlight

    Windlights are windmills where the windmill is also the light fixture. We are used to consume energy on demand, while it would help our energy issues if we started using energy when nature makes it available to us. The Windlights will therefor only be illuminated if there is enough wind to supply the energy required for the lighting.

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  • Sunstove

    The Sunstove is a (solar) cooker, light and table in one. Functional yet beautiful. Outdoor cooking in harmony with nature, by using the sun as a heat source for cooking. 

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  • Waterworks

    A problem that many of you will likely recognize: how do you get rid of the mess surrounding your outdoor water tap? There never seems to be a good place to store your bucket, garden hose and other garden tools. 

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  • Rotolights

    Rotolights by Floris Schoonderbeek are windmills where the windmill is also the light fixture.

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  • Shall we dance?
    Shall we dance?

    Shall we Dance? is designed as a landmark for a business park in Doetinchem. But this landmark actually makes all pylons a landmark. These pylons and their lines are such a familiar sight, you hardly notice them anymore.  

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  • Dutchtub Original
    Dutchtub Original

    The Dutchtub Original is a design from 2003 by Floris Schoonderbeek. The icon is a great example of Dutch Design: down-to-earth but surprising, beautiful and functional.

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  • Framehouse

    The Frame House is a toolkit for a wooden construction with sturdy, well-designed connecters, to quickly and easily build a house.

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  • Local Habitat
    Local Habitat

    There are plenty of species and creatures living in our surroundings that we could get to know better.

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  • Guidelight

    Nowadays lighting so often is tied to one permanent place. “Lighting should enable us to adjust its position, use, function and intensity to our needs.”

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  • Fieldchair

    Floris Schoonderbeek finds true luxury in the basics, in small things and pure experiences.

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  • Stringlight

    The mouth-blown glass lampshades of the Stringlight make for cheerful lighting. It is a design by Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree.

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  • Forestry Table
    Forestry Table

    Floris Schoonderbeek designed the Forestry Table and Forestry Bench in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forestry Commission). It’s designed to show the quality of Dutch wood and to celebrate being outdoors.

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  • Sheppard

    Sheppard consists of 12 dots, elastic bands and steel screws that can be attached to a wall, allowing you to fill your wall with natural sheep skins or blankets.

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  • Firetent

    The Firetent is a special hideout from where you can enjoy the natural environment, the seasons and your loved ones in the setting of this warm and cosy woodfired stove / bed.

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  • Lolo

    Commissioned by NewMotion, Floris Schoonderbeek designed the charging station called Lolo. Lolo is a smart charging station for electric cars that can communicate with other batteries and energy suppliers.

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  • Amsterdam Drops
    Amsterdam Drops

    Amsterdam Drops is a new way of generating and storing electricity.

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  • Charging plaza
    Charging plaza

    The cars, motorcycles and scooters that we drive are polluting and noisy. Driving electric is the future – not only as carbon neutral transport as well as storage and transportation of renewable energy. Charging plaza

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  • Circular City Carpet
    Circular City Carpet

    Real change will be realized by the next generation, so let them play on the Circular City Carpet.

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  • De Kleine Campus
    De Kleine Campus

    The office and workshop of Studio Floris Schoonderbeek is located on De Kleine Campus: a contemporary working community in a former high school in Arnhem – a place where you can work, develop, meet and relax together.

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    Floris Schoonderbeek is the lead designer of the Weltevree restaurant HOOG VUUR. The focus lies on three huge wood-burning stoves: to cook on and heat the space. All dishes are prepared in the ovens of the stoves.

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  • Strandtuin

    The Weltevree Strandtuin explores new ways of recreation. Instead of just consuming more and more people want to create something. And take greater account of their surroundings: embrace the qualities of a specific place and use it in a sustainable way.

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  • Laten Varen
    Laten Varen

    Laten Varen (Letting Go) is a floating object on the Eemmeer, for inspiration and place making for marina ‘t Raboes.

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  • Treehouse, Football Factory & Playstack
    Treehouse, Football Factory & Playstack

    Like a string of beads, three artworks by Floris Schoonderbeek connect the old and new Welgelegen, a neighborhood in Apeldoorn.

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  • Divewood

    With the right eye every puddle can be a pool. Quality and beautiful experiences are not always about more and new, but about recognizing the opportunities around you.

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  • Axechair

    The Axechair is a cast aluminum chair with axe handles from the Swedish company Gränsfors as legs. The clean and extremely strong connection between the seat and the leg is directly derived from the construction of hatchets.

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  • Spring

    Children love to play hide and seek in the tall grass or in a cornfield – the high blades block the view and create perfect little hideaways.

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  • Rijnhuisje

    The Rijnhuisje offers a new way of recreating within the rules and regulations of the dock and the waterways. The Rijnhuisje is, just like a boat, fastened to a bollard on the quay and hung over the edge by means of a pulley. 

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  • Made in Arnhem
    Made in Arnhem

    The exhibition Made in Arnhem shows the various phases of a design idea. The whole process around product label Weltevree is shown: education & concept development (educational institute ArtEZ) and retail (concept store Coming Soon). It is a journey through the mind of the designer, but also of the realization of an idea.

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  • Element stairs
    Element stairs

    Why not consider a staircase a piece of furniture rather than a permanent feature in your home?

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