Circle Farm

Circle Farm is a project in search for a more balanced and beautiful environment. With Circlefarming we want to participate in the current need for a new Dutch foodscape as a landscape design as well as farmer culture.

All this at the request of Swedish engineering giant Sweco. Circle Farming is a form of agriculture in which scarce space can be better managed. No more the familiar rectangular patchwork blankets full of monoculture, but strips of different crops in circular form. ‘A circular shape is not the most efficient shape,’ says Schoonderbeek, ‘but that is compensated by the precision work of the robot.’ Moreover, the spaces between the circles can be used for other purposes, such as housing and forestry.


“It feels like swiping over the crops”. Working on the circle farm is with your nose on the crops and soil. The 360 turn and the swipe rail brings a feeling of freedom.


Also seen on The Dutch Design Week 2022 – What if Lab – Klokgebouw