De Kleine Campus

The office and workshop of Studio Floris Schoonderbeek is located on De Kleine Campus: a contemporary working community in a former high school in Arnhem – a place where you can work, develop, meet and relax together.

There are offices and studios for rent, shared meeting and workshop spaces and a café for coffee and lunch. Sharing space and facilities creates a dynamic use of the building and the surrounding outside area.


This outdoor area is designed as ‘functional greenery’: the trees are fruit and nut trees, the lawn is used for yoga classes, the terraces for working or lunching and the aquatic plants around the pond purify the water – you can even take a dip if the weather is nice!


The idea is that a green and sustainable workplace – equipped with solar panels and a wood pellet stove – leads to a better result and a happier day.


The Kleine Campus was set up by Floris Schoonderbeek and Kathlijn de Booij and is now a Schipper Bosch project.