Fieldstation nr 1.

The Fieldstation is the mobile workshop of Studio Floris Schoonderbeek. The self-sufficient Fieldstation facilitates a way of working aimed at searching, experiencing, experimenting and collaboration. Every roadtrip it can be equipped with different tools.

And so it easily transforms from a family campervan, to a field kitchen, to a workshop, to an expedition camp. The Fieldstation is all about connecting with the surroundings, and so – besides wide-opening doors for a panoramic view – it has an outdoor workspace, kitchen and shower. Whatever your needs, the Fieldstation is the perfect travel companion for your adventure! This is Fieldstation nr. 1 so more to come.


Solar panels
Outdoor shower
Luggage/tool racks
Outdoor workbenches


Collectief Soepel


AVAILABLE AT, please send an email to