The Firetent is a special hideout from where you can enjoy the natural environment, the seasons and your loved ones in the setting of this warm and cosy woodfired stove / bed.

The Firetent is an installation where the chimney is also the construction of the tent. The tent cloth was made in collaboration with Dutch tent maker De Waard.


The Firetent is available in two designs. A Firetent with wood-fired bed / bench where the fireplace heats the bed. The fireplace can easily move under the bed so it is heated everywhere. The bed is made of different layers; concrete, fireproof textile and ceramic tiles. Enough thickness to be safe and spread the warmth evenly. In addition, there is a Firetent with wood-burning stove, ideal for festivals and events. The stove is designed in such a way that the fire is visible from all sides, with help of a movable windshield.


The Firetent is in stock and available at Studio Floris Schoonderbeek. Contact us for a quotation or rental options.


De Waard