Floris Schoonderbeek named one of the five designers who will save the world

During the Dutch Design Week (DDW) Bright named Floris Schoonderbeek as one of the five designers who will save the world. Designers who think about radical, sustainable solutions. The theme of the DDW (2019) ‘If not now, when then?’ also referred to the urgent issues that we face as a world. It’s time for action! Schoonderbeek is one of the designers who puts the word into action by thinking differently about consumption, sustainability and the relationship between people, technology and nature. But also about how you make and use things. With the Groundfridge, Studio Floris Schoonderbeek wants to start the discussion about energy consumption and cooling systems and change the way we think about and deal with cooling. Schoonderbeek’s Groundfridge makes sustainable food and wine storage possible. For the consumer as well as the professional market.


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