Modern houses are often built without a basement while a lot of people nowadays feel the need for one: they’re focused on healthy food and, for example, grow their own food or buy in bulk at the local organic farmer.

The Groundfridge is a basement as a product. An innovative version of the traditional root cellar, for the new cosmopolitan with its own vegetable garden and a modern self-sufficient existence. The Groundfridge uses the insulating capacity, the cold of the ground combined with the inhalation of cool air during the coldest moments of the night. The temperature in the fridge remains stable throughout the year between 10 and 12° C: the ideal temperature for the storage of, for example, fruit, vegetables, wine and cheese.


The spherical Groundfridge is buried and covered with the excavated earth. This layer of soil is about 1,50 meter thick and insulating so the temperature inside the fridge barely varies. There’s no permit required to place the Groundfridge, and no soil to be disposed. The Groundfridge is equipped with wooden shelves for storage.


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