Floris Schoonderbeek is the lead designer of the Weltevree restaurant HOOG VUUR. The focus lies on three huge wood-burning stoves: to cook on and heat the space. All dishes are prepared in the ovens of the stoves.

By chopping wood and stoking every day, the kitchen staff becomes more and more familiar with the stoves and develop dishes and cooking techniques specifically for these ovens. The tableware has been customized: the food is cooked in ovendishes that double as plates, so the food stays hot while being served. The restaurant has long tables where you can sit down to view the stoking & cooking in the kitchen and the fire burning in the stoves.


HOOG VUUR is the eat-in kitchen and meeting point of De Nieuwe Stad in Amersfoort. The project is a collaboration between Floris Schoonderbeek, product label Weltevree, various designers and Bülent Yokuz (De Nieuwe Stad).