Commissioned by NewMotion, Floris Schoonderbeek designed the charging station called Lolo. Lolo is a smart charging station for electric cars that can communicate with other batteries and energy suppliers.

With a nationwide network you can see when and where there is demand for energy. Love to load – the corresponding app – tells drivers where an electric charging station is available or where you can go ‘guerrilla charging’.


NewMotion is Europe’s market leader in charging solutions for electric cars. They ensure that electric driving is easy, at home, on the road and at work. Their goal: to give everyone the opportunity to opt for attractive mobility based on renewable energy.


NewMotion revolves around strong and sustainable cooperation. Collaboration with customers and drivers and the companies and organizations around us. Schoonderbeek’s loading solution is nicely designed, smart and the start of a structurally lower price in the market. Because developments in cars and technology follow each other at lightning speed, they continue to look for new breakthroughs that make more people enthusiastic about electric driving.


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