To seize the winter season we went on a Fieldstation ice trip with our friends from Collectief Soepel for a new rocketstove experiment. It started with a coronaproof plan to connect, go outside and enjoy the season! Together we created the Rocketbench to connect people, places and plans.

The Rocketbench is a special outdoor bench from where you can enjoy the natural environment, the seasons and your loved ones in the setting of a warm and cosy rocketstove bench. Gather around the warm bench, drink hot chocolate, eat peanuts, keep the fire going with the peanut shells, and enjoy the outdoors together!


Outdoor heating & seating in harmony with nature, by using the clean palletburning rocketstove as a heat source for cooking & sitting at the same time. Making sure the heat is used optimally!


The Rocketbench is available on request at Studio Floris Schoonderbeek. Contact us for a quotation by sending an email to