The Weltevree Strandtuin explores new ways of recreation. Instead of just consuming more and more people want to create something. And take greater account of their surroundings: embrace the qualities of a specific place and use it in a sustainable way.

The Strandtuin is an actual ‘beach pavilion’. It is self-sufficient and makes use of everything the beach has to offer: the walls are made of sand, solar and wind power, fresh fish from the sea and a bathtub filled with water from a local well. Food and drinks are kept cold in the Groundfridge that uses the insulating effect of the sand. The Strandtuin does not put the visitor in ‘a cottage overlooking the sea’, but lets you experience the elements right on the beach – sand between your toes and the wind in your hair. Isn’t that what you come to the beach for? And then gathering and chopping some wood for a hot bath in the Dutchtub or a dish from the Outdooroven.


The Weltevree Strandtuin is designed for the Into the Great Wide Open event on Vlieland. The project was realized in cooperation with Lab Vlieland, the Forestry Commission and Campsite Stortemelk. The food and drinks were provided by the team of Weltevree restaurant HOOG VUUR.


Weltevree's Strandtuin & Welcome To Tomorrow from Into The Great Wide Open on Vimeo.