Table Tarp 01

Table Tarp 01 was born out of the growing need for shade and coolness in cities. By combining the classic design and construction of the picnic table combined with a distinct application of the new WEVED fabric, Table Tarp 01 provides a multifunctional object that casts shade and provides a temporary space where desired provides.

WEVED is an initiative of Claudy Jongstra and Stefan Koper with whom they want to revitalise the local wool industry and draw attention to Dutch wool – a natural material with many qualities but seen as waste and from almost all sheep herds is removed and burnt, more than 1.5 million kilos per year. So we could not have a better partner for a smart sustainable and beautiful textile.


Because WEVED’s material is applied very directly, in combination with the construction of the picnic table, the fabric itself forms the structure for the tarpaulin.