A problem that many of you will likely recognize: how do you get rid of the mess surrounding your outdoor water tap? There never seems to be a good place to store your bucket, garden hose and other garden tools. 

The Waterworks by Floris Schoonderbeek offers a solution to this common problem. It transforms any standard outdoor water tap into a clever station that includes counter space, a proper water tap and hooks for organizing. Floris: “The Waterworks is about reconnecting with water, because water connects us all.”


The Waterworks fits to any standard outdoor water tap. You can connect it to the tap point with a standard hose and hang the Waterworks wherever you want. Organizing gardening tools, creating a counter space to prepare food or a station to clean your outdoor boots in. Whatever you use Waterworks for, it will always fit your needs. The included organizing hooks can be adjusted however you want. Create useful outdoor counter space right outside your house!


Benefits Waterworks:

  • An upgrade for your existing outdoor water tap
  • Everything you need in one clever station: counter space, a water tap and storage solutions
  • Neatly store your garden hose and water bucket away
  • The water bucket is included

Pre-order the Waterworks now at Weltevree