De Kleine Campus

The idea of ​​De Kleine Campus is to create the ideal place for living and working. Qualities that you find important in your home environment – such as green space, quietness, exercise and healthy food – should actually be given a place in your work environment. Nowadays there’s no strict separation of home and work, but it’s more ’24/7 life’. For these new needs we develop our ideas: practical solutions for a creative way of life. At De Kleine Campus you can reside, rent an office or studio, get your coffee & lunch at the Kleine Campus Cafe and for example take yoga or music lessons. We also believe in sharing facilities: some things you don’t need to have for yourself. So you can join the shared workshop, hold meetings in the conference rooms and work or relax in the shared outdoor space. By sharing costs and benefits, we’re able to realize big projects: to transform the pond into a swimming pond, for example, and become energy-neutral, by installing a wood pellet stove and solar panels.
De Kleine Campus is a project of Floris Schoonderbeek and Kathlijn the Booij for Schipper Bosch.

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