Dutchtub Original

The Dutchtub Original is a design from 2003 by Floris Schoonderbeek. The icon is a great example of Dutch Design: down-to-earth but surprising, beautiful and functional. The wood burning, mobile outdoor bath won numerous awards and its clever design is still relevant. Schoonderbeek: “I feel a strong need for direct contact with my surroundings. I want to experience the pleasure of discovering things yourself, that feeling of independence. Products you can do things with, that come to life when in use. You can heat the Dutchtub yourself with wood. After some effort you can just lay back with a satisfied feeling and enjoy your surroundings from a comfortable warm bath.”

The Dutchtub is a new way to explore and use your surroundings. With the Dutchtub you enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. The award-winning design of the hot tub feels like a luxury and works surprisingly simple: the Dutchtub is wood-fired and only uses natural circulation. With the clever design and the strong, durable materials you can use the Dutchtub anytime and anywhere. Gather some wood, fill the Dutchtub with tap-, ground- or seawater and you can enjoy a comfortable hot bath. With outdoor bathing you experience a place in a different way: you can go and have an adventure in your own backyard or create luxury in the middle of nowhere.

The Dutchtub is available as Dutchtub Original (4 person), Dutchtub Loveseat (2 person) and Dutchtub Wood (4 person) at Weltevree